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Monday, February 8, 2010

Feb 4th Class Reflection

The first part of the class was spent finishing up the the discussion on hiring and discussion on the comparison of hiring and Oceans Eleven. Selection process is very vital for companies and recruiting is the first step of this process. There are tools to measure the effectiveness of selection methods; reliable, valid, generalized, high utility, and legal.
We then had a guest speaker come and start our discussion on chapter 7-training. The speaker was a training director for Tahitian Noni. It was very interesting to hear their process of training and re-training. You could tell that the company takes training very serious. Here is the basic process they follow:
  • Gather Feedback- Customers, Employee, Management
  • Put into themes
  • Monthly Planning Meeting
  • Assign Projects
  • Project Manager develop training content
  • Project Manager presents training to upper management and training team.
  • Project Manager presents training to broader management group.
  • Training is implemented
  • Post training analysis

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