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Monday, February 22, 2010

Feb 18th Class Reflection

Human Resource Managers must manage turnover in many companies. To effectively do this they must know concepts of job satisfaction and motivation and determine how that affects their company and employees at the company. Things to look at that affect job satisfaction are:
  • Personal Disposition
  • Negative Affectivity
  • Task and Roles
  • Supervisors and Co-Workers
  • Pay and Benefits
One principle to know if that intrinsic work characteristics are what make people the most satisfied with work. This means that companies can pay people the most in the industry but if the working conditions are not good and they find another company that has more intriguing intrinsic benefits.

We also had a quest speaker that came to talk to us about being a Human Resource manager and what you need to consider in doing the job. He talked about a specific case of how to compete with a recruiting new employees and the only option is to pay them more than you are currently paying your own employees. How do you manage the situation if you were a the Human Resource Manager?

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