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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Feb 16th Class Reflection

Development is different from training, the focus of training should be for current assignments and development should be for future planning. Training can be required while development should be voluntary. There are many tools to use for assessment such as Myers Briggs Type Indicator, Benchmark Assessments, and 360 degree feedback. 360 is the most effective because it gets multiple people feedback. This is better because it gets supervisors, peers, subordinates, and possibly customers feedback.
The career management process is; Self Assessment-Reality Check-Goal Setting- then Action Planning. In this process there are both employee responsibilities as well as employer responsibilities for it to be successful.
The guest speaker that came in was very interesting. I wish we would have had more time with him. He said something about employee performance reviews and how he feels like the way it is done is all wrong. I would like to see what he thinks would be better than the traditional system.

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