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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Chapter 7 Discussion Topics

Concept and Brief Description

Training, Training, Training. There is so much more that goes into training in companies than I ever thought up. It all starts with analysis and seeing if and what type of training is needed. Once the company has established the need then it must be ready for the training. For the training to be successful the planning is the most important step. There is so much that must go into it, objectives must be defined, in house or contracted out, and the choice of training method. There are many different types of training methods and a company needs to choose which method works best for them. There can also be a combination of methods used. After planning the training it must be implemented and supported by the company and all managers and supervisors for it to be effective. Following the training there must also be evaluation of the training to see if it accomplished what it was meant to do and make changes if necessary.

Emotional Hook

Would you want to work for a company that was not willing to invest in its employees by offering further training and development of job skills? Is this important for you as an employee?

Key Points to Elicit in Discussion

There are many different methods for training and selecting the right one for the right job is key.

Orientation and diversity training are very common type of trainings that company offer. Even though there is not a lot of evidence for diversity affecting behaviors. Why do they still offer them so often?

Facilitative Questions

What type of training is most effective for you?

What is the best training you have ever attended and why?

Do you feel that companies ever do trainings just to do them never knowing if they are effective and/or needed?

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