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Monday, January 25, 2010

Jan 21st Class Reflection

The class was spent going over all of the EEO laws there are. I felt like after hearing each one discussed in class I had a better understanding of them all. While I read the chapter most of them made sense but I think I interpreted them a bit different than what they really meant so it was great to discuss them. It was also great to hear what interesting articles other people found about employment laws. One of the most interesting articles one of my group members found was on AIDS discrimination and how it is becoming more prevalent.
Although the laws can seem daunting and numerous, it is best to just remember that the goal is to provide equal opportunities for all in hiring and employment. If you keep that as your goal and strive for equal opportunities for all, you should be able to comply to all laws. Also ensure you have a good HRM (or advisor if you are a small company) that can help navigate through all the laws and help you remain compliant. Setting good policies from the begging can save you a lot of headache and potential problems in the future.

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