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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Chapter 2 Discussion Topics

Concept and Brief Description

Chapter 2 addresses many of the trends and issues that Human Resource Management deals with and can help overcome. It begins by discussing the changes in the labor force and what issues it can cause for organizations. Some of these issues are aging and the ever increasing diverse workforce and how businesses can leverage their HR departments to help manage these changes.

The next section covers the idea of High-Performance Work Systems, which is when a company combines its social and technical systems. HRM can help organizations achieve this by assisting in hiring the right people, training programs, and continued development of employees. Employers can also use Employee empowerment and teamwork to help achieve High-Performance Work Systems.

A business’s strategy can affect and be influenced greatly by HRM. Some strategies are to grow the company and others are to try and manage the cost. Strategies that can be used to grow the company are Mergers and Acquisitions, implementing Total Quality Management, International Expansion, and Outsourcing. Downsizing and Reengineering can be the strategies to try and manage costs.

The last two sections are all about improving efficiencies and accessibility for HR activities by using technology and also helping companies manage employment relationships.

Emotional Hook

How would you feel if all of your personal information was available on the Internet for all to see, and your company put it there? It is very important as HRM move to more information over the Internet to secure this information by securing access either through only allowing it on the company Intranet or a web portal.

Key Points to Elicit in Discussion

There are many issues surrounding international labor, from companies hiring illegal immigrants to outsourcing jobs to places that will do them for cheaper than Americans. Although hiring illegal immigrants is against the law, there is nothing illegal about outsourcing.

Facilitative Questions

How do you feel about outsourcing of potential American jobs?

Do you think the move to more flexible schedules and the different type of employees, like independent contractors and temporary workers, is good for business and the employees?

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