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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Jan 19th Class Reflection

In class today I we finished up chapter 2 and started with chapter 3. There was a good discussion on the pros and cons of both the internal and external labor markets. In the past the majority of new hires were at the entry level positions and other positions were filled by promoting from within. This trend is changing now and a lot of companies are looking outside for some of their top positions to bring in new ideas and diversity.

There is also an aver changing employment relationship. In the past the norm was work from 9-5 for the same company for the majority of your career. Now people are changing their jobs many times throughout their career. This is causing a change in the way the employment relationship is since companies know that people aren't always just going to stick around and employees know that they may lose their jobs. This has also led to more flexible wok schedules, flexible staffing levels (temp agencies), and overall just more flexibility.

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