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Monday, January 18, 2010

Chapter 3 Discussion Topics

Concept and Brief Description

Chapter 3 is all about the laws and enforcement of anti-discrimination laws and creating a safe workplace. Over the years there the workplace has been changing and the government has to continue to make laws to protect employees from discrimination. It becomes complicated to know all of the ins and outs of the laws and that is where a good HRM can come in. Not abiding by these laws can be very costly and possibly the cause of the company going out of business. Not only are there laws that are in place to protect employees from discrimination but there are also laws but in place to ensure workplace safety.

Emotional Hook

How would you feel if you applied at company that did work for the government and you were the most qualified applicant but you did not get the job because you were not a minority? There is a lot of controversy with affirmative action. The reason it was enacted was to ensure that women and minorities had more opportunity, but it has had some negative repercussions.

Key Points to Elicit in Discussion

When the age discrimination in employment act was enacted, it was in an effort to stop employers from laying off their more senior employees as a way to cut cost. Since it was enacted some companies have come up with early retirement bonuses to have the same effect.

There are many laws that are put in place to ensure equal opportunities. There are also many companies hat have “figured out” that a diverse workforce can actually be very beneficial. How?

Facilitative Questions

What is your stance on affirmative action? What about when it involves specific quotas?

What branches of government are involved in laws regarding equal opportunities? How are each involved?

What are some basic ways that employers can avoid costly equal employment lawsuits?

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