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Monday, March 29, 2010

March 16th Class Reflection

In class today we talked about the research paper and when it was due. Then went on to Chapter 14 discussion and talk about unions. One of the main things that we discussed was how organizations can discourage the formation of unions. Here are some of the points that I found interesting:
What to do
  • Be consistent in the treatment of employees.
  • Ensure due process in performance management
  • Protect employees from harassment or humiliation
  • Treat all employees with dignity and respect
What to Avoid
  • Threatening employees with harsher terms of employment or employment loss.
  • Promising anything if they don't form a union
We then went into Chapter 15 and talked about HRM in a global environment. Which I felt was more like a review chapter. It showed how everything we have talked about so far can apply to the global environment.

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